about Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice that establishes the presence of companies, products and entities online. It enables web sites to show up better in search engine results (SERP's), maintains the correct listing information (web site, phone number(s), address, hours) of brick and mortar locations, and, ultimately, helps connect people with the services and products they're looking for (and vice versa).

No matter how beautiful your site or exemplary your product, you are less likely to connect with your desired audience without SEO. Especially if you are a new company! 

You can read the basics of how I break down my SEO work below. What it translates to are simple checkmarks, tactics, registrations, and copywriting. 


SEO Packages

The Basics

Ensure you're set up correctly, have no site errors and are plugged into (and recognized) by search engines


Doing the research to find your desired audience and determine where and how they search for your product/service
Accurately communicate who, what and where you are, and that you truly are who you say you are


Creatively weave the research into CONTENT, COPY, ADVERTISEMENTS and SOCIAL MEDIA
 Reach and speak to people interested in the product or service you have to offer
Empathize with the customer to understand the many avenues through which they could come to you

seo package rates

Read more about each category below.


Keyword Research
Starts At


Starts At


Starts At


SEO Basics

Plugging your site into Google
Creating meta-data and alt-text
Creating and submitting a sitemap to Google
Submitting your site for indexation


Creating a verified local listing
Submitting your listing to the most important directories
Ensuring consistency across the web

Keyword research

Dive deep into Google's data mine
Find what your target audience is searching for when they're looking for your product/service
Get informed, data-backed ideas for content creation
Create meta-titles, meta-descriptions, and alt-text based on data-backed research
Index your site with Google after it's rich with keyword-optimized copy
Find cost-effective keywords for Google Advertisements 

SEO Retainer

Consistent check-in's, at least once-a-month (cost fluctuates)
Ensure no errors pop-up and hurt your site's SEO
Ensure your traffic continues to grow
Optimization of new content and products (including meta-titles, meta-descriptions and alt-text)
Keyword research focused on upcoming content, events, products, etc.